Tangled Vines is a New York Times bestseller!

I got the call all author’s dream about.

In my case, it was an email. On Monday, Nov. 16, my editor at St. Martins Press, Michael Flamini, sent me a message.

“Tangled Vines” is #10 on the NYT monthly crime bestsellers list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yahoo! We can now say, on any reprint and the paperback, “New York Times Bestseller”!!!!!

He then sent me the link.

I was flabbergasted. I knew Tangled Vines had been selling briskly in the Bay Area. (It made the San Francisco Chronicle/NCIBA bestseller list for the week ending Oct. 25, 2015. But to get on the NYT list, a book has to sell well throughout the United States. (I think. The methodology is a tightly guarded secret). I had no idea my book was selling elsewhere.

But who am I to quibble. I am a very happy author.

Thanks to everyone who bought the book.

New York Times Bestseller List

Tangled Vines is #10 on the Times’ “Crime and Punishment” List. Check it out. I am honored to be in these authors’ company.

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  1. barbara Beattie on December 26, 2015 at 4:37 pm

    Hello!! This is Barbara Beattie again!! I was wondering if you got my email about the possibility of talking to my book club . Kind Regards Barbara

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