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“At New Berkeley Winery, California Wines Harmonize with Japanese Food.”
Berkeleyside, Oct. 12, 2023. Click here.

Opinion: “Why Support for Reparations in California Should Be Greater”
Mercury News, Sept. 23, 2023. Click here.

“’Scandal of Cal’ author says the university has failed to reckon with history of grave-robbing, colonialism and atomic warfare
Berkeleyside, Aug. 28, 2023. Click here.

In new sci-fi novel, Berkeley is a multiverse of maternal love and angst
Berkeleyside, July 25, 2023. Click here.

Opinion: “I’m 63 and I don’t want to lose my TikTok.”
Los Angeles Times, April 16, 2023. Click here. PDF here.

“$250 million up in flames: The infamous crime that scarred California’s Wine Country
A 2005 arson was the biggest crime ever involving wine. Now the man responsible has died.”
San Francisco Chronicle, April 5, 2023. Click here. PDF here.

“Berkeley man who destroyed $250M of wine in fire dies.”
Berkeleyside, March 23, 2023. Click here.

“A new nonprofit from Berkeley and Detroit aims to tackle reparations.”
Berkeleyside, May 19, 2022. Click here.

A collection of all my Berkeleyside stories on John Fox and the Premier Cru Ponzi scheme
Latest article: Feb. 22, 2021. Click here.

“The Oakland-Berkeley firestorm incinerated my house 30 years ago.”
Berkeleyside, Oct. 18, 2021. Click here.

How the Pandemic Forced One Family Closer”
A mom shares the story of when her adult daughter returned home”
AARP magazine, Dec. 16, 2020. Click here.

“Wayne Hsiung, who has put his freedom on the line to rescue animals, wants to be Berkeley’s next mayor
Berkeleyside, Oct. 7, 2020. Click here.

Los Angeles Owes Native Americans an Apology
The Los Angeles Times, June 21, 2109. Click here.

Making Sense of the Master Sommelier Scandal
The Daily Beast, October 12, 2018. Click here.

End of an Era: Pacific Steel Casting Shuts Down After 84 Years.
Berkeleyside, September 6, 2018. Click here.

Move over, Chardonnay: Is Picardan the Next Great White Wine?
The Daily Beast, August 4, 2018. Click here.

“Does Napa Valley Need Saving?”
The Daily Beast, March 9, 2018. Click here.

“One Day. One Night. The Fuse that Lit the Battles of Berkeley
Berkeleyside, Jan. 31, 2018. Click here. 

Ted Hall’s Fight to Save His Napa Winery From Wildfires
The Daily Beast, Nov. 7, 2017. Click here.

“How Fire has Shaped California’s Wine Industry”
The Daily Beast, Oct. 20, 2107. Click here.

“Searching for My Stepbrother in the Wildfires”
The Daily Beast, Oct. 16, 2017. Click here.

“Rudy Kurniawan: The Ultimate Wine Con Job”
The Daily Beast, Aug 8, 2017. Click here.

“Unearthing California’s Pre-Prohibition Roots”
The Daily Beast, July 19, 2107. Click here.

“California’s Wine Industry was built on Slave Labor”
The Daily Beast, June 24, 2017. Click here.

“Canned Wine is the Drink of Summer 2017”
The Daily Beast, May 17, 2017. Click here.

“A Little American Civil War in Berkeley”
The Daily Beast, April 16, 2017. Click here.

“Is Holy Wine going High-End?”
The Daily Beast, April 14, 2017. Click here.

“Top California Winery Killed by Prohibition is Reborn”
The Daily Beast, March 29, 2017. Click here.

“Meet the Wine World’s Bernie Madoff”
The Daily Beast, Aug. 18, 2016. Click here.

“The FBI is investigating whether high-end wine retailer ran Ponzi scheme.”, February 2016. Click here.

“For Sale: The Real Treasures of a Great Counterfeiter”
The Daily Beast, Nov. 23, 2015. Click here.

“It’s One Long Party at Buena Vista Winery”
Berkeleyside Nosh, March 23, 2015. Click here.

Berkeley Police Chief at Center of Free Speech Furor
New York Times, March 30, 2012. Click here.

Berkeley’s Telegraph Avenue, Hit by Hardtimes, Needs a Makeover
New York Times, February 5, 2012. Click here.

What They’re Drinking at Davos
Wall Street Journal, January 29, 2012. Click here.

The Wine They Drink in Davos
Video: Lunch Break
Wall Street Journal, January 27, 2012. Click here.

Profitable Ripple Effect Projected for Berkeley Lab’s Second Campus in Richmond
New York Times, January 27, 2012. Click here.

Bay Area Cities Are Courting Berkeley Lab
New York Times, March 17, 2011 Click here.

Death Raises Questions about Website for Speeding Cyclists
New York Times, July 3, 2010 Click here.

Working It Out Through Walking
New York Times, May 14, 2010 Click here.

Bay Area Emerges as Center of Nonprofit Journalism
New York Times, April 10, 2010. Click here.

Closing of Auto Plant Forces Suppliers to Scramble
New York Times, March 28, 2010. Click here.

Berkeley Doesn’t Recognize Itself in NBC’s “Parenthood.”
New York Times, March 10, 2010. Click here.

Plan for a Casino in Richmond Raises Fear of a Bad Precedent
New York Times, February 11, 2010. Click here.

What’s In A Name? A Mountain of Controversy.
New York Times, January 17, 2010. Click here.

With High-End Meal Perks, Facebook Keeps Up Valley Tradition
New York Times, December 25, 2009. Click here.

Gibor Basri: Relaxing and Reaching for the Stars
New York Times, December 13, 2009. Click here.

As Arson Trial Opens, Wine Collectors Seek Solace
New York Times, November 14, 2009. Click here.

Cleaner Trucks Mandate Will Creat Hardships at the Port of Oakland
New York Times, October 30, 2009. Click here.

Andrew Sean Greer: Taking Time for Family, Friends, and the Dog
New York Times, October 24, 2009. Click here.

How Lehman Brothers rescued Los Angeles.Los Angeles Times, Sept. 18, 2008. Click here.

In Rift at Cornell, Racial Issues of the 60’s Remain
New York Times, May 3, 1989. Click here.

Family Farmer Wants to Sell, But for a Radioactive Dump?
New York Times, December 9, 1989. Click here.