Ten Things I am Thankful for Concerning Towers of Gold


1)      That
my cousin Warren Hellman and I will be on Michael Krasny’s Forum on KQED on
Tuesday Dec. 23 at 10 a.m. Listen in to hear an original song on Isaias Hellman performed by Warren’s band, the Wronglers. I have listened to Krasny’s show for
years and have always dreamed of being on it.


2)      For
all the people who came to my readings – it was great to see so many friends
and to meet so many new people.


3)      All
the relatives I have met through the publication of this book


4)      For
getting the chance, via radio, to talk to people in Montana, Florida, New
Jersey, New York, Los Angeles, and elsewhere


 5)      That
I am on the San Francisco Chronicle bestseller list for a third week


6)      That
the San Francisco Chronicle named Towers of Gold a notable Bay Area book of


 7)      That
Towers of Gold made the Marin Independent Journal bestseller list for two consecutive
weeks. That really means that one of my favorite bookstores, Book Passage, is
selling a lot of copies


8)      That
Towers of Gold has sold so well it is going into its second printing



9)      That
after 8 years of working on this book, it is out in the world.


10)  That Isaias
contribution to the creation of California will now be noted

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