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gold_coins.jpgI have been so busy gearing up for the release of my book that I have been too busy to blog. Here’s why: I have an editorial in today’s Los Angeles Times about the mortgage meltdown. Here are the first few paragraphs:

 “It’s ironic that, as the mortgage crisis pushed Lehman Bros. Holdings Inc. into bankruptcy and probable demise, the storied finance house couldn’t find a savior in its hour of need. Had Lehman turned a similar cold shoulder to Los Angeles more than 125 years ago, the contours of California’s evolution likely would have been much different.

In 1875, when Farmers and Merchants Bank was on the edge of financial collapse, threatening to undermine Los Angeles’ fledgling economy, Isaias Hellman, the bank’s co-founder and the city’s most astute financier, turned for help to a venerable East Coast institution: Lehman Bros.” Read more.

 I also have been working hard on my website and am happy to report it is finished. You can view it here. Since my last name is so strange and I want people to be able to find me, I had to buy a slew or urls with my name misspelled. So in addition to finding me at and you can find me at or or

And to think I could have taken my husband’s last name: Wayne.

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